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Information about Trading Companies. (NOT ALL)

Information about Trading Companies. (NOT ALL)

The trading companies have advert floating around the internet of how good they are, how they can make money for you, right at the bottom of the screen there is a fine print, READ IT! “You may loose all your capital.”

Interesting, isn’t it? Well they also advertise about DEMO accounts. When you open a demo account, within 3 to 10 minutes they will phone you and try to convince you to deposit $250. I just want to test your software that you brag about. I don’t want to put money in yet.

Then after 2 to 3 days not answering their calls they delete your profile and demo account. That shows me that they are just there to blood suck you out of your money.

Also, the calls are coming in daily, about 10 to 20 calls from one trading company, they don’t want to hear that you are busy and do not accept it that you are not depositing money now, and that you want to test the software first and then will make your decision. They will go on and on by telling you how they have inside information to make you a lot of money. Be aware of inside information, this is illegal and when that is said, my opinion is that it is most probably a scam, stay away.

Some companies will brag about their demo account, but if you register you must first deposit money before you can start using the demo account, that is lame. Why do they advertise the demo account, what does DEMO mean to them?? AAA, I can bullshit you out of your money by telling you there is a lot of inside information to make you rich, $200 and up to $9000 a day, what a lot of bull. Not one of the software that I tested bring you any money, they claim all these amounts and that you can get a lot of money, crap a lot of crap.

I tested Tesler 1, Tesler 2 and the software does not work. Their so-called claims are bogus. I tested CryptoRobot365, I lost $100 dollars in the first day of using the software. I emailed questions to them and they answered me with more advertising and NO proper answers. I contacted 2 of their managers and none came back with any answers, just more advertising materials via email.

One account manager, when asked about the inside information, he dropped the phone while I was still talking to him, never heard from him again. The other account manager told me, “You must not waste my time.” Well I am the customer and what I do is to question you and make sure that you are not a scam. It seems to me that most of the account managers are there to make a lot of commission for themselves and does not worry about the customer needs.

All I can say is that on the stock market there is no such thing as making quick money or getting rich. It is a very volatile market and yes you may lose all your capital. I can just put out a warning to all traders be aware of the scams and the people trying to bullshit you.

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