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About Us

Acheim Online

Welcome to Acheim Online (Network of Sites), we appreciate your interest in our websites. Acheim Online focus on 7 main services, namely:


1. Online Shopping.

2. Health – Articles about Healthy Foods, Exercises, and more

3. Survival – Survival Skills and more.

4. DIY Projects – All kinds of DIY Projects, Art and Crafts.

5. Travelling – Bookings for Hotels, Flights and more.

6. Christian Sites – 3 namely: Spirit of God (Prophecies, Confirmations and Possible Confirmations), El-Roi – Afrikaans, El-Roi – English (Christian subjects and Bible Studies in Afrikaans and English).

7. Ons Volk, Ons Land – Boer Nation History.

We are dedicated to become a prominent place of information on the Internet. In order to work towards achieving this mission, we believe in building a Network of Sites with a lot of information available to the public out there. To facilitate a culture among all members we focus on our four values that drive our website: Integrity, Passion, Continuous Improvement and Quality Information.

Our Network of Sites:

Acheim Online – Mainsite – Retails Site.

El-Roi – AfrikaansAfrikaans Christian Website.

El-Roi – English – English Christian Website.

Ons Volk, Ons Land – Geskiedenis van die Boerevolk / History of the Boer Nation.

Spirit of God – Prophecies, Confirmations & Possible Confirmations, Explanations of Prophecies.

Acheim Online – Health – Health, Exercises, Smoothies and more.

Acheim Online – Survival – Survival, how to survive in any condition.

Acheim Online – DIY Projects – All kind of DIY, Arts and Crafts.

Acheim Online – Travel – Hotel Bookings, Flight Bookings Internationally.

Acheim Online – Dating – A Dating Site.

Why do I use Biblical Names for my Sites?:

El-Roi – The God who sees.

Acheim – The Lord will Establish.

I hope that you will enjoy our sites.

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